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Group Facilitation Seminar in Hamburg, Germany

Deep Democracy in Action Awareness Based Group Facilitation and Conflict Resolution Dec. 5th and 6th Have you ever gotten tired of dealing with divisions in a group? Have you ever felt that conflict in a group inhibited collaboration efforts? Have you ever felt hopeless about getting a group to work together on its goals? Group facilitators and change agents tend to feel that it’s their responsibility to create change in a group setting and to find a solution for whatever problem is at hand. This feeling of responsibility can create a tremendous pressure and in some cases can even lead to burnout in the facilitator. Process Work, a cutting-edge approach to group facilitation, offers an alternative by suggesting that change and solutions are inherent within the group itself, and that the facilitator’s job is not making change occur but noticing and forwarding the change that is already emerging. This awareness-based approach ultimately doesn’t require power or struggle fro